Walking With You

Waiting for the sound of the first plane
Dreaming of walking together again
Socially distant memory of
Sweet Curry
Chime of Great Tom
Children laughing, shouting in the playground, playing
Going where the dogs can’t go
Water clapping at the boat’s successful passing
Mum on the bench and twins in the buggy in the park
Sound asleeping
School children buzzing in a crowd leaving
At the crossing, stumble, laughing
Mini backpacking
Shopping, cycling, walking, skipping, running
Sipping at the fountain, water seeping, secret keeping of the flow, no one knowing
Puzzle growing
Automatic flowing, splashing
Pointing at dogs peeing
Café cleaning, sweeper sweeping
Grass mowing, dog retrieving
Coffee and tea drinking
Broad Walking
Playing games, keeping the ball rolling
Listening, waiting
Helicopter flying
Sandwich eating
Invisible gardener cutting
Speaking on phones, listening to people in other places
Bringing them in or escaping
That welder welding the gate
Restoring, securing and the garden’s secret releasing
Water running.
Now I’m
And wishing
Saving the space beside me
Our sun warm

by Sue Eves

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