Past Issues

Issue 1

On 27 April 2019, people from across the Oxfordshire community came together at Open House to create a zine in just a single day. The event was run with Oxford Poetry Library in the spirit of Open House: offering a space and platform to have new conversations about housing and homelessness in Oxford, where labels are dropped and equality of voice is paramount. There was no hierarchical operation, and contributors simply used the materials they were surrounded by to engage with the subject. Content was produced collaboratively, through group writing exercises, shared artwork, and by using individual’s content to inspire or to be physically reworked by others in the room.

Everything collected on the day has now been published: without author, without titles, without edit. The result is eclectic, straight-forward and very personal, showcasing the rich and diverse notions of ‘home’ from a broad demographic. You’ll find poetry, art, stories, both real and fictional, as well as ideas, opinions and solutions to the challenges of housing in Oxford.

It was printed in June 2019 and can be read in full here:

Issue 2

In October 2019 Oxford Poetry Library collaborated with Open House Oxford in their last month of opening to put together the second issue of Oxford is my Home. We wanted to capture and give voice to the diverse experiences of finding, building and maybe even losing a home in Oxford.

Over the space of one day, we opened up the doors of Open House and invited anyone – whether new to the city, born-and-bred, or anywhere in between – to come and share their stories of making this city their home through poetry, collage, story-telling, art, rants and raves. We then collected them all together, bound them into a little booklet, and you can explore the wonderful, weird, heart-breaking, insightful, creative, and thought-provoking result below here:

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