There is no ‘I’ (Part 3)

I was phoned by support staff from our housing association who have been turning up wearing masks and even disposable aprons in recent times… they wanted to know if there is a covid 19 poster in the house. I said that there are hand washing instructions, but no general poster. The staff member seemed worried by this… I told her not to make a special journey to bring a poster, but I think she was going to, wasting time and money to put up a poster telling us about distancing and unnecessary travel etc.

I remember at the time of Margaret Thatcher a man tried to assassinate her by sending her a plastic bag with the suffocation warning crossed out… If the poster arrives I think I may change the distance advice to one metre and hope that my ‘housemates’ go out and catch the virus… there would be fewer arguments about the remote control if they were hospitalised, and I could keep the kitchen a lot tidier. Yes, I will do that.

By ‘The Silver Machine’

Image by Michael Paul

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