Oxford is My Home

Oxford is my home,

That is, until I had to leave.

Housing in this city

Is so overcrowded you wouldn’t believe.

Myself and 6 other strangers,

Pay more than five hundred each

For a room in a house

With two bathrooms to share

And a kitchen so small

We can’t sit down to eat.

So when this virus came calling,

I left at the drop of a hat.

I abandoned my neighbours

And housemates and ran

To my grandmother’s semi-detached.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten,

The folk with nowhere else to go,

Sometimes I wake up in the dead of the night

Imagining I’m still stuck in that two by three metre room for months on end just those same four walls crowding in on me, too scared to use the communal kitchen incase I infect one of my housemates or they infect me, I’m still having to pay rent for a room I’m not living in and the landlord has stopped answering my emails. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in expensive, short-term contracts for shared housing can’t somebody do something please? Can you build more flats and smaller houses, and stop the landlords from buying them up at a price ordinary people can’t compete with? Can you please cap rents?

Oxford is my home,

That is, until I had to leave.

by Anonymous

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