Barbers Abandoned

I hope

The street i live on

Remembers where we lied all

Names gone

Reality plucked

Out like hairs that once stood tall

Sweet death

Your fever handcuffed

Enmity is shared

Locked down

Barbers pulled out hair

The prime minister is dead

How kind

Word of mouth and memes

While nurses seek protection


The pregnant worker

Died to feed her little one.

Come out

And grow up stronger

Yesterday was yesterday

Let men

Of iron be made soft

you will find a way to play.


With Gods gift of joy

Restored and restored I am


My memory saved

Holds to no comparison

Mass graves

In mortal ice rinks

stripes guard coasts and the sea shore

chin up

People don’t give up

Let Jesus our lord restore


Yes A killer cold

But hot doesn’t the church burn

Our fear

Is our friend to God

Let early risers worship

Come all

Deterred and broken

Hear through right and wrong from him


Your understanding

Repent and be genuine

I sing

For God is well pleased

And sovereign to all the earth


Within my heart joy

If my post is second birth


Is the letterbox

Which was there before I was


Is reason why

My God loves me just because

by Elliot C Vanderhyde

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