‘At Home’ Series

At Home, 16.00 13/04/2020
At Home 15.30 23/04/2020
At Home 08.00 29/05/2020
At Home, 11.30 20/04/2020
At Home 12.00 06/05/2020
At Home 16.00 01/06/2020

During this strange time, as we have all been asked to stay home to protect our NHS and fellow citizens, I have begun a series of paintings of the windows around my home. During these quiet moments, as I follow the light around the house, I’ve been meditating on what home means. A word that carries such a lot of significance, especially right now.

The word ‘home’ can apply to so many things, a property where you live, a place you grew up, somewhere you feel you belong, a country you call your own… the planet you live on. But I have been thinking about what home becomes when the world around us feels overwhelmingly uncertain. Home is a place of safety, a refuge. Home is the one space you can feel you have control over, however small it might be, it’s a place to ground oneself, a place to heal.

A home should be a basic human right, and it is so wrong that we live in a world where anyone should find themselves homeless. But even those of us who are lucky enough to have a place we can call home, have to face the truth that it still can not offer us what we crave most: certainty.

This is not a new topic for me, it is what I have been exploring both through my painting and my songwriting for the past 6 years. I create paintings that contemplate how we negotiate a life in flux. When I paint, I am looking for a balance between that which I can control, and that which I cannot. I make paintings to inspire myself, and the viewer, to find balance in this fluctuating existence; to soften the edges of our frames, and live at peace with the unknown that lies beyond them.

by Rose-Marie Caldecott

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